Encaustic Wall Work

Sculptural Mixed Media Artwork

Solo Exhibition at Rose Center for the Arts

From the Garden

Bathed in Fire

The Wallow fire scorched land my husband grew up on and changed the landscape, only scars are visible in our lifetime. The Bathed in Fire series captures imagery, wood & soot from Rudd Creek & Riggs Mountain at Sipe White Mountain Wildlife Area. The work is about what is precious, natural & unnatural. After moving to Bend, Oregon I continued the Bathed in Fire series with work inspired by the Pole Creek Fire in Sisters, OR.

Girl Plays in Radioactive Dirt

I discovered my aunt had been 65 miles away when a nuclear bomb was tested on May 25, 1953 in Las Vegas, Nevada, 59 years later she died of lung, brain, bone, and kidney cancer. I explore the ties between cancer and the girl that played in radioactive dirt.