Hot wax and vibrant color heat up The Wilds where I’ll be showing my latest encaustic monotypes.

Thursday, December 1st, 4 – 6 pm
The Wilds, 30 SW Century Dr. #120, Bend, Oregon 97702

I create my monotypes by painting with melted pigmented wax sticks on a heated metal surface. This imagery is then transferred to paper when it is pressed onto the metal and then pulled back taking the pigment with it to cool into place.

Lisa Marie Sipe encaustic wax monotype

There is no way to create two of the same piece. Each time I do it, even if I try, I can’t create the same thing twice. I’m drawn to the process of encaustic monotypes because it asks me to be present, to focus only on that moment, with those colors and that space. I don’t have time to second guess my decisions because the longer I leave the wax on the palette the more it changes.

All of my work is inspired by nature; the colors, the shapes, and the often subtle and seemingly random pieces that all somehow just fit together. Most of my art is very planned and I know what will be created before it’s even started. These monotypes are almost the opposite. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to plan a monotype. This makes it so I have to create on the fly and in the moment. It allows me to feel more free with my work and create a different view still inspired by nature. In my other work, I show you what I’ve seen and experienced in nature. In my monotypes, I convey more of the feeling of what I see in nature.

Artwork: Lisa Marie Sipe, “Finding Space,” 16” x 20” framed, encaustic monotype and oil pastel on paper







Cascade Arts & Entertainment named this exhibition a “Best Bet” in their latest issue.