In 18 Seconds You’ll Know How to Print with Wax


"Floral Field" encaustic monoprint by Lisa Marie Sipe

“Floral Fields” the encaustic (wax) monoprint made in the time-lapse video.

No joke, watch the 18 second video below and you’ll see exactly how you can print with encaustic (wax) on paper. It’s a technique of creating a one-of-a-kind print I’ve been exploring the last couple of months. With the New Year here I decided to use a 30 day challenge to really dive deep into the art of encaustic monoprinting. What does that mean? It means every day this month I will produce a unique, encaustic monoprint. Click here to see all my 30 day challenge prints.

Where did I get the idea to do the 30 day challenge? In January, Artists Helping Artists (a podcast for artists) host Leslie Saeta challenged artists around the world to create 30 paintings in 30 days. Of course I modified the challenge slightly and instead of producing paintings I’m creating encaustic monoprints. Last year 1,500 artists from around the globe participated in the challenge! If you visit the 30 paintings in 30 days website you can see the work each artist produced that day. It’s fun to look at all the creativity and effort each day.


hot sticks and aluminum plate

What materials did I use in the video?


I used a hot plate, Enkaustikos Hot Sticks, an Anodized Aluminum Plate and mixed media paper.