Yesterday started the 30 Art Experiments in 30 Days challenge. Where was I? Traveling. I was distracted by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest coastline and the energy of the ocean.  See what I mean:

The beach in Yachats, Oregon.

I may be a day late but I do have my art experiment done. The materials I used for this piece are manufactured cotton lace, thread and a wooden bowl. The lace belonged to my mother-in-law. It probably doesn’t sound like an unconventional material to you but to me it is something I would normally never use. I used bright orange thread to create havoc among the determined pattern of the lace. This piece is about trying to be unique.

30 Art Experiments in 30 Days, Day 1 Experiment 1

“Trying to Be Unique,” manufactured lace, thread & wooden bowl, 6 x 6 inches