Today my Anderson Ranch workshop started after a quick orientation. Then Brenda Mallory presented a presentation of sculpture artists to inspire us.

Assignment 1:

Our first assignment was to take some paper and do graphite rubbings on textured surfaces outside then make a collage. I started with some regular printer paper but after I washed the graphite off my hands and felt the paper towel I realized I liked the paper towel texture better. I decided to stick with one type of texture, wood grain, for my piece. I cut my textured paper towel into leaf-like shapes and created my collage:

morning assignment at Anderson Ranch

Assemblage wall piece

Assemblage Wall Piece

I didn’t like how the paper was reacting to the forms in the collage so I cut the background away, here is the final piece:

graphite rubbing collage final

Assignment 2: 

“Take an object. Do something to it. Do something else to it.” – a note from Jasper Johns sketchbook

The object I used to do something else with was a knitted scarf. I discovered later on that this scarf was made by Brenda’s daughter (thanks for the inspiration Emma!).

do something else

First, I cut the scarf into 1 inch strips.

Do something else

Then I ran each piece through the sewing machine while stretching the piece at the same time. This elongated the strips and gave them an uneven edge.

Do Something Else

Lastly, I created a composition on black burlap. I applied grommets to the burlap for hanging.

do something else

I experimented with using the pink yarn strips as focal points.

do something project at anderson ranch

I also experimented with adding cut balloons. I loved the shape of the balloon pieces, they appear to be flexible eggs or rose petals but ultimately decided they looked pasted on and not cohesive with the overall piece.

do something with balloons

Here is the final piece:

After a fun day of art making I had to go outside and play. Stark’s Trail in Snowmass had some beautiful single track:

Stark Trail Snowmass, CO