The first post-conference workshop I attended at the 5th International Encaustic Conference was Off the Wall with Miles Conrad at Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill. This workshop covered the technical fundamentals for creating innovative three-dimensional works made of encaustic and/or incorporating mixed media and found objects. It was a seriously fun class, we started by learning how to make orbs out of found objects and dipping them in wax.

Off the wall wax objects at a class with Miles Conrad.A selection of objects experimented with in class: wire, zip tie, torn paper, natural jute twine, torn fabric, brick-a-brack and cardboard roll.

After we practiced orb building and dipping we created a piece using what we created in class. A lot of other students created pieces with several different objects but I chose to work with a small canvas and my favorite orb, the brick-a-brack.

Brick-a-brack orb dipped in wax and arranged on 6x6 canvas.Brick-a-brack orb on 6 x 6 wood panel.

Brick-a-brack orb on 6 x 6 inch panel with poured wax.

Once the orb was mounted to the panel we poured wax around the object.

Brick-a-brack orb on 6 x 6 wood panel finished with oil paint.

When the poured wax cooled we applied a patina to the orb by rubbing it with oil paint to create the final piece.